Diploma in Ecotourism

Diploma in Ecotourism

This program responds to an increasingly evident need within the tourism market. it exposes students to global tourism and hospitality practices while providing them with a good understanding of recent trends and ethcial issues that exist in the dynamic and fast-paced tourism industry.

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Intake: January, April, June, September

Duration: 2 years 

i. A pass in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia(SPM) with at least credit in any three(3) subjects or any equivalent qualifications.
ii. A pass in Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia(STPM) with a minimum of grade C in any subject or any equivalent qualifications.
iii. A pass in Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia(STAM) with a minimum grade of Maqbul.
iv. A pass in SKM level 3 in a related field and a pass in SPM with a minimum of 1 credit in any subjects.
v. Any qualifications equivalent to certificate(Level 3, MQF)
vi. A pass in Unified Examination Certificate(UEM) with at least grade B in any three(3) subjects or any equivalent qualifications.
vii. A pass in NIIT Certificate in Business or its equivalent.
viii. A pass in English at SPM level.

  • Hotel Manager
  • Leisure Travel Counsellor
  • Travel Guide
  • Travel Agent
  • Travel Marketer
  • Travel Coordinator
  • Tour Guide
  • Tourism Developer
  • Tourism Destination Manager
  • Tourism Office Manager