College Facilities

Computer Lab

Computer Room

24 computers with MS Office, Sage application and IT programming softwares


Resource Center

Resource Room

Support student's academic progress:
For reading and learning activities, information retrieval and educational resources for students


Wireless Access

Provide acceptable and safe use of the Internet, Intranet and all electronic communications



E-learning Room

E-learning Room

Equipped with computers and software for students to access the Internet and learning materials
Student can utilise this facility to complete their tasks, assignments or class projects



Prayer Room

Provide access to individuals who need a place for prayer especially the Muslim students and staff

Do contact Mr. Cheah of the Operations Department as accessibility is upon request only.

Leisure Corridor

Student Leisure Corridor

Provide personal space to students for students' satisfaction
Provide a safe waiting area for students

Drinks vending machine, tables and stools are available

Students may mingle around for informal meetings

Served as a transport pick up point for students' staff