Message from Managing Director

Mr. Managing Director

Dear Students, Prospective Students, Alumni and Friends,

Welcome with warmest greetings and thank you for visiting NIIT College website. We are optimistic that the information provided in this site can assist you in your academic or career plans. We are honoured to have your interest in us. If NIIT is your College of choice for continuing your education, we would like to “welcome you on board” and we look forward to sharing our experience with you to assist in your future undertakings.

Nurturing the minds of students to bring out the best is what we strive to achieve – not only to impart knowledge but also to make our students employable in this ever-changing globalized world. It is our vision and mission not just to educate students but also to dedicate our efforts to mould students to become talented and useful employees of the future.

NIIT continues to make an important contribution to the blaze of 21st century knowledge which is sweeping across continents and empowering minds everywhere to think out of the box and achieve what is seemingly impossible as individuals.

NIIT shares these aspirations and endeavors to educate students to acquire a broader global mindset to be engaged with the globalized industry. The concept of industrial skills and experience put our students in a commanding position when they exit as graduates to begin their careers.

Please feel free to contact us should you need further information.