Apply at the NIIT College

Online Application is intended for use by new prospective students submitting a first time application to NIIT. It is not intended for students presently studied at NIIT.

Click here to apply online

To complete your admission file, the following documents are required:


  • Photocopied IC
  • Certified SPM/ UEC/ STPM/ A Level


  • 8 passport sized photo
  • 3 copies of passport (including cover)
  • Academic transcript with grading system
  • English test result
  • Original medical report

Paper-based Application

Prospective students may download and complete a hard copy application form if you are unable to apply online. You may submit a paper application by printing the forms from the links below.

Application Form

  • You may submit one application and one set of supporting documents. Kindly make a copy of all application documentation submitted as our Admission Committee is unable to return any part of your application.
  • Any mailed application documentation need to be sent to the Admissions office at the address:

    NIIT College
    Lot 2765, Block 10,
    Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce,
    93150 Kuching, Sarawak.

Please make sure all details are filled in correctly and make sure you submit a completed form. Any changes required after submission must be made in writing.