Chief Executive

Message from Chief Executive

Dr. Paul

Welcome to NIIT!

Thank you for visiting our web site.

As a student, you must be interested in the type of education which is provided by NIIT.

Our aim of education is to train students to learn how to learn, for the value of education is not the learning of many facts only but the training of the mind to think beyond what the textbook can provide. Therefore, students here are trained with critical thinking and with agility and adaptability to focus on continuous improvement to find out ‘the better of the best’.

Our programmes range from diploma to Ph.D., and we have a team of dedicated professors and lecturers who are able and willing to train students with goals for initiative and entrepreneurialism in their future undertakings.

Remember: Today well lived makes Yesterday a dream of happiness and Tomorrow a vision of hope.

Do visit us or call us about your future undertakings. We would be most happy to welcome you and assist you.